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Llandegla A village and community…



Friends of Ysgol Dyffryn Ial

Llandegla Fete & Produce Show Music Club in full flow

Fete & Produce Show

Llandegla All Styles Music Club

Llandegla Memorial Hall

Llandegla Memorial Hall Committee

Llandegla Bowls Group Badminton



Community Council

Whether your interest lies in learning how to fly a glider, promoting the Welsh language, playing sport, taking an interest in the administration of Community Council affairs or  helping with the organisation and production of the annual Fete & Produce Show there is something going on most evenings throughout the year.

To learn more about what the groups do, where they meet etc please click on the link below each picture to go to the sections dedicated page.


Llandegla has a number of very active groups which cater for all aspects of life. There is plenty on offer for all.

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Watercolour Social group

Community Council Submit your group Submit your group

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More about ‘Your group’