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Llandegla A village and community…

Last season for the Llandegla Bowls Club was one that they would rather forget - they won nothing! In the meantime, there have been developments, in the form of two new mats on which to play. This has been made possible by a £1,700 grant from the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust, based in Cardiff. Whenever someone buys a ticket at the Millennium Stadium, a small percentage goes into the MSCT, so the Llandegla Bowls Club are sincerely grateful to all those rugby fans who pass through the turnstiles.

This isn't all, though, if you have two very good new mats, you need to store them properly, and a local firm, Zoopa Ltd., have come to the rescue by manufacturing a superior handling trolley for the mats - absolutely ideal.

But what now? Skipper, Martin Weston (he's currently recovering from broken ribs after a nasty fall), says the club members can now hone their skills on two top-of-the-range mats. Also, with the acquisition of these new mats, it is hoped that the club can attract some new players which will augment the overall strength of the club - so the other clubs in the Vale of Clwyd had better watch out.

Llandegla Bowls Club

Llandegla Bowls Club meet on Thursday evenings in the Memorial Hall and all abilities are welcome. Contact Martin Weston, 01978 790234, for details.

Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

Some members of the Llandegla Bowls club beside the new mats, with skipper Martin Weston (seated) holding the certificate from the Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust.